Plant Design

The Company offers turn-key systems for converting Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into energy, through the use of waste materials as a source of clean, renewable energy.

The company’s technology and expertise will:
  • ·      Improve the economy
  • ·      Improve the environment
  •     Eliminate the use of landfills and the problems they originate:
  • ·      Eliminate the high-cost of landfill operations
  • ·      Eliminate the leachate resulting form decomposition of organic wastes
  • ·      Eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions that escape form the landfill 
WestFab is an alternative energy consulting company focused on the managing the design, engineering, and erection, of turnkey projects for government and private clients.

We assist in the management of suppliers and manufacturers of fully integrated systems in the following areas:
  • ·      Waste Gasification for Electric Power Generation
  • ·      Gasification of Organic and Biomass Waste to Produce Liquid Transportation Fuels
  • ·      Methane Recovery and Energy Solutions for existing Landfills
WestFab provides the technology to use waste as a renewable resource for all energy uses.

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